Southland Pavement Cleaning

You Can Count on Us!

Welcome to Southland Pavement Cleaning!

Southland Pavement Cleaning provides premium Street Cleaning, Street Sweeping, Bulk Water and Site Maintenance Services.

You Can Count On Us to be Your #1 Pavement Cleaning and Site Maintenance service.

Whether sweeping a new subdivision, providing scheduled street washing and catch basin maintenance or providing water for plumbing tests; you can count on Southland Pavement Cleaning to do the job right!

At Southland Pavement Cleaning you can count on:

  • Our Staff – Committed Professionals do the job right

  • Our Equipment – Performance matched for efficiency and quality

  • Our Service – As promised, when promised

  • Our Commitment – To work closely with our customers to provide services and support that set the standard for quality and efficiency.

Our Commitment

Southland Pavement Cleaning is a committed business partner and work closely with builders, contractors and property owners to provide quality street washing and site maintenance services tailored to your specific needs. and to be sure You Can Count on Us!

We talk with your people before work begins to understand your job requirements and we check with you after to get your feedback.

From "Please help us clean up...", one time projects; to regularly scheduled neighborhood sweeping and washing programs;to comprehensive inspection and cleaning programs; Southland Pavement Cleaning has the resources and commitment to meet your needs.

Service Areas

Southland Pavement Cleaning operates facilities in Charlotte, NC and Greenville, SC. We service both Charlotte and Greenville markets, and everywhere in between!